2022 County Tournament

2022 County Tournament


JUNE 11-12

The Adams County Golf Championships are open to adult and junior golf amateurs who meet one of the following criteria:
• Resident of Adams County
• Member at Cross Creek Golf Club or Wabash Valley Golf Club
• Member of a course-sanctioned men’s or women’s league at either Cross Creek or Wabash Valley

Saturday, June 11 – Wabash Valley Golf Club
Sunday, June 12 –  Cross Creek Golf Club
Players may make their own groups and tee times for Saturday. The last available tee time will be 1:00 p.m. Players must play with at least one other event participant. Tee times on Sunday will be determined based on Saturday results, with the first tee time at 9:00 a.m.

There will be five different divisions:

• Men’s Division
Open to all Men, incoming high school freshmen and older. Play will be from the Blue Tees.

• Senior Men’s Division
Open to Men age 50 and older. Play will be from the White Tees.

•Super Senior Men’s Division
Open to Men age 65 and older. Play will be from the Gold Tees.

• Women’s Division
Open to all Women, incoming high school freshmen and older. Play will be from the Red Tees.

• Senior Women’s Division
Open to Women age 60 and older. Play will be from the Red Tees.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to remove a division if too few players register.

Divisions may be divided into flights after Saturday.
When the Tournament Committee determines that a division shall be divided into flights, it shall divide the division by placing the “Top X plus ties” into the Championship Flight, the “Next X plus ties” into the First Flight, and so on. X shall be a number determined prior to play on Saturday, based on the size of the division. If the last flight in a division is left with fewer than four players, those players shall be moved into the next-to-last division.

Tee Times on Sunday shall be by division and flight, in the following order: Super Senior Men, Senior Men, Senior Women, Women, Men. Players shall be paired with others in their own flight, and play shall be in reverse order of the Saturday standings, with the leaders of each division teeing off last. Ties shall be broken using the “first-in-last-out” method. The back-up tiebreaker shall be a coin flip. Within each group, the player whose score was lower on Saturday shall tee off first, using the same “first-in-last-out” method to break ties.

Entry Fee for all adults is $25. Entry Fee for juniors is $0. Green fees for non-members shall be $25 per day.
~$5 from each entry fee shall be used to pay for awards. The remaining
~$20 from each entry fee will go into the prize fund.
Within each division that contains more than 20 adult players, $50 will be deducted from the total prize pot. For divisions that contain more than 10 adult players, $25 will be deducted from the total prize pot. The remaining prize pot will be divided by the number of flights within that division. Each flight will pay out its share of the prize pot to the top 3 places (50%-30-20). The money that was deducted up front will be given to the overall champion in each division. Prizes will be gift certificates to Cross Creek Golf Club and/or Wabash Valley Golf Club. In the event that a division has fewer than six adult participants, prizes will be awarded to the top 2 places (70%-30). The winner of each division shall receive a trophy. The low junior in each division will received a medal.

Players may lift, clean, and place the ball in their own fairway. The ball may be placed within six inches of the original location of the ball and not closer to the hole. A ball resting on bare dirt may be dropped as near as possible to its original location. Local Rules shall apply. Except as otherwise stated in these rules, USGA rules shall apply.

In the event that two or more players are tied for the low score in a division, those players will play a sudden-death playoff, beginning on Hole 1 of the Sunday course and playing the course in order until a champion is determined.

*All rules are subject to modification at the discretion of the Tournament Committee