Wyneken Lutheran Outing

Biggs Kreigh 18 course Through Jesus Christ, it is the mission of Wyneken Memorial Lutheran School to REACH children with the love of Christ, TEACH them of God's Word and world, and SEND them out as faithful stewards in God's Kingdom.  Wyneken serves children who are infants all the way through grade 8.

Adams County Cup Event

Biggs Kreigh 18 course The Adams County Cup is an annual Ryder Cup style competition between Cross Creek Golf Club and Wabash Valley Golf Club.  It has been held every year in early October since 1998.  Cross Creek has won the annual competition in all but 4 years of the event.  The current format is […]

CCMGA Revenge Tournament

The REVENGE tournament is designed to be a final sendoff reflecting a great golf season.  The committee sets up this eighteen (18) hole event to be as crazy, goofy, fun and challenging as creatively possible.  Each year they out do themselves in finding unusual and unexpected manners to play these eighteen holes.  The event is […]