Your Cross Creek Men’s Golf Association (CCMGA)

The CCMGA has as its core purpose the promotion of golf for everyone in the Cross Creek Golf Community, whether they be members, local residents, or just casual players.  To that end the CCMGA operates the Monday and Thursday City Golf Leagues, and the annual CCMGA tournaments and events.  

Men’s Leagues

The Cross Creek Golf Club’s Men’s City League operates 2 divisions, a Monday division and a Thursday division.  Each league has 14 teams, and play on the Biggs Kreigh 18 hole course is split each week by the “sides” (i.e. rotating competitive on the out nine or the in nine on alternating weeks).  Matches are played a Net stroke play. 

Each team may have 4-7 roster members, and 4 from each team will play any given night.  If you are interested in becoming part of the League you can sign up to be on the “sub” list, get a qualifying handicap, and let teams know you are available.  If you already know some players in the League, you may see if they would like to add you to their roster.

A qualifying handicap is determined by submitting two signed score cards for rounds played on the Biggs Kreigh course.  The rounds need to be played under league rules and the correct set of tees.  If under 50 years of age, qualifying must be from blue tees.  If handicap is above 25 for 18 holes, the player may voluntarily move to the white tees “after” qualifying until their handicap drops to 18, then they have to move back to age appropriate tees.  Over 50 years old can decide to play blue tees, otherwise they can play white tees.  The tees from which they qualify is where they will play in events.  Over 65 years old adds the gold tees as an option.

Contact Scott Ainsworth (League Treasurer) or Tom Krueckeberg (League Secretary) for more information about the Sub List or the League in general.

The annual cost to join the CCMGA is $10, if you are not on a League Roster.

Monday Division

Thursday Division

Tournaments and Events


Each year, weather and pandemic permitting, the CCMGA hosts 6 tournaments, usually 3 individual events and 3 “team” events.  Examples include one-man scramble (2 tries at every shot), 18-hole stroke play from the red tees, or variations of 2 man scrambles using different tees. Every event has both scratch and net prizes so players of all skill levels can win placement, hole prizes and skins.  None of our events are “big” money with entry fees (exclusive of greens/cart fees) usually being no more than $25.

This tournament series also gives players the opportunity to win points toward Player of the Year (scratch and net) and qualification to play in Ryder Cup styles events against other golf courses.

These events are an EXCELLENT way to come out and meet more CCMGA Members, and let people know you’d like to be called as a sub or join a League team.


The CCMGA also has other events, which are open to League members and others that have joined the CCMGA.  If you do not play “League,” you can still play in the CCMGA Events, provided you have joined the CCMGA and have established a qualifying average.  One small caveat, CCMGA would like from those who never play League matches occasional score cards from some serious Biggs Kreigh 18 hole golf rounds so they can keep updating handicaps.  Not fair for a guy to play a couple of qualifying 95’s rounds and then keep that handicap even when he is shooting low 80’s regularly (most CCMGA events are conducive to handicap adjustments).

CCMGA too supports the Whitlock Shoot-Out against Cancer, which is a fundraising event that uses Shootout golf competition to raise money AND keep a sense of community alive through the event.  You must experience the final round to see for yourself how much Cross Creek is a community, not just a golf course.

CCMGA runs an unique 5 person scramble in late July to support the Men’s Golf Hall of Fame and to introduce the new inductee(s) for the year (we make the teams to balance competition, so you sign up as an individual).

CCMGA also sponsors special “Skins Games” on Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day and a way to get more people interested in joining the weekly “skins” games.

There is also the year end “fun” and open event called the Revenge, where the Tournament Committee sets up the course with trick shots and unique rules designed to entertain and take a break for overly serious play.  Always a lot of fun.

CCMGA also offers the Adams County Cup annual competition (23 years so far) against Wabash Valley golf club, and is hoping to introduce a new Intra-club competition between the Monday and Thursday Leagues.


The CCMGA runs the annual Men’s Scratch and Net Match-Play events as one of the 3 Major events on the Cross Creek calendar.  These usually start in May.

The other Majors, the County and City Stroke Play events are run by the golf course, but these are significant events for players wanting to earn POTY points and qualifications for the Adams County Cup.

Finally, CCMGA has a Facebook page thru which it announces its events.  It is thru that page that we offer our primary sign-up sheets for our events and tournaments.  You can usually also sign up through the Pro Shop, but tee time priority is always established thru the Facebook page.

If you are interested in having a regular weekly “game” check out the “skins” games which occur on most Saturdays and Sundays, when other events are not happening.  You can stay in touch with that group on their Decatur Skins Game Facebook page.  These are traditionally low stakes games ($20-25 at risk).  Another great way to meet more CCMGA members.