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Cross Creek Golf Club has a fun weekly event that golfers will not find at many other courses in Northeast Indian.  If you are a player having a hard time finding someone with whom to play, a player wanting to improve your game, or a player who is new to the area looking for a game, try out the Decatur Skins Game.  A socializing, eighteen hole Skins Game occurs every weekend, consisting of players from every skill level.  The participants are a great group of guys (and some gals) that would be more than happy to have new faces join them for the weekly Skins Game. 

A Skins Game has occurred every weekend at Cross Creek Golf Club for a long time.  I am pretty sure for as long as the course has been around.  In other words, for more than fifty years.  The group has players with scratch handicaps. However, we also have guys playing with 30 handicaps.  No matter your skill level, you are always welcome at the Skin Game.

We do play for a little money though.  When I say little, I mean little!  We also play fair.  If we did it any other way, nobody would show up!  Right? 

Six bets total are out at $2 a bet.  A player’s maximum expense is a $12 day, if every bet was won and you did not win any of the bets.  Teams are made up as evenly as possible, so usually a few ties happen.  In the 30+ years I have played in the Decatur Skins Game, I have never seen all six bets won.  On top of the team game, we have a $5 skins pot.  Pretty cheap day really with the opportunity to interact with others that love golf.

Back in the day, if you wanted to play in the game, you had to call the Cross Creek Golf Club’s Pro Shop to find out when the game was scheduled.  Not anymore.  Under Jim Manley’s expert tutelage, finding out what time the game is has been made pretty easy.  A Facebook group called Decatur Skins Game has been developed for all things golf related in our Adams County community.  A group of players goes out every weekend.  If Cross Creek Golf Club is tied up with an outing, we take a road trip.  The Decatur Skins Game group is where you go to get signed up for each weekly event.

A link is provided on this page to the Decatur Skins Game Facebook group.  Or, just type Decatur Skins Game in your browser’s search bar, go to the site and ask to join.  

We look forward to more players joining our group!